Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shady Disgueyes: Retro Shades

Retro chic sunglasses are taking over this summer!  Haute couture ensembles of bold prints and vibrant colours were accentuated with eccentric throw-back shades in just about every spring/summer collection for 2011.

A few of my top favourite designs came from Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi.

As soon as I saw the sunglasses trends for the season, I dug up a pair of sunglasses I had buried in a drawer for what seems like eons. I bought them about 10 years ago. (I definitely have the potential to be a hoarder.)

I thought about just rocking those for the summer but thinking that made me queasy. I can't possibly wear one measly pair of old- excuse me, I mean "vintage", sunglasses all summer.  I need options!

I really like how some of the newer shades are like a hybrid between the cat-eye shape and oversized lenses of seasons past. I found an awesome pair of turtoiseshell shades at the Urban Outfitters on Queen St. W. I have named them "Ankeita" in admiration of the Nikita sunglasses by Tom Ford.

In Retrospecs: Sunglasses from the Past & Present

In keeping with the beauty trends of the summer, I will be rocking lipsticks that could have been inspired by a pack of tropical flavoured Skittles.

Above On the Left: I'm wearing Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Silk Lipstick #13
Above On the Right: I'm wearing MAC Lipstick in Morange

I am sooo ready for summer! Now if only the sun would come out and stay for a while. Damn sun of a beach!

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