Thursday, 28 July 2011

Colour Clash Control

Do you remember when it was a fashion faux pas to wear pink and red together? Not anymore!

Wearing black and brown together was once snubbed by stodgy fashion bourgeoisie until some fashion-forward provocateur created leopard print couture. Who said you can't wear white after labour day?  Bend the rules and don 'winter white' in November.  Fashion rules have slackened and women everywhere can be free from the noose that once choked their individual style.

No longer commiting a fashion heresy, I wore a geometric patterned red, pink and white chiffon dress with ruffles to the LuvLi Ladies' Show along with self-made accessries.

AnKe Accessories
 I strung a red diamond-shaped pendant dappled with pink flecks with multi-shaped, translucent beads of the same colours to create this cleavage concealing necklace.  To avoid being to matchy-matchy I went with freshwater pearls of different sizes for shoulder grazing drop earrings.

AnKe Accessories: A closer look

Between the red/pink dress and the red/pink accessories, I knew my outfit was on colour overload. In my mind I likened my outfit to spicy food.  A bit of caliente is good, but too much becomes unpalatable. Onlookers shouldn't have their eyes water when I walk by them.

Dress: H&M
Belt: Dynamite

I needed some "yogurt" to simmer the spiciness of my colourful ensemble; so I added a beige wrap belt around my waist, interweaving the red chiffon sash that came with the dress into it- just for the sake of making things interesting. To top things off, I wore my beige patent leather Guess peep toe platforms along with a medium size clutch. (see Khemet Chronicles)

Yes, I've worn these items multiple times over. No, I don't have a problem with being "caught" wearing the same thing twice.  Yeah...that's right. And what?

Monday, 25 July 2011

Fashion Hearts Pink at the LuvLi Ladies' Show

Yesterday I attended the LuvLi Ladies' Show at the Gladstone Hotel, where my childhood friend planned and hosted her first event and launched her own women's lifestyle magazine.

"AnKe" and Lisa Sterling at the LuvLi Ladies Show
The Premier Issue of LuvLi Magazine

Your girl, Miss Fyne & Fab chick herself wrote the "I'm a Survivor" article, which is about Leila Springer, a 12 year cancer survivor and the president of The Olive Branch of Hope Breast Cancer Support Services and the World Foundation on Breast Cancer, two non-profit organizations in Ontario.

I was also the centerfold model and writer of "Turn Over A New Leaf", an article about fashion accessories trends for the fall season.
Centerfold Model: LuvLi Ladies' Magazine

My Personal Favourite

I was not impressed when I saw that there was a grammatical error in the "Metal Mayhem" section thanks to an editor doing a less than "luvli" job editing my work.  My original work did NOT have that error (yes, I checked).  Someone should have edited the editor! Argh! That makes me look bad because my name is attached to the article. Sooooo unimpressed. (insert screw face here)

On a brighter note I, too, had a major "first" yesterday.  Remember the bowl of pearls from the Beadazzled for Breast Cancer post? I transformed them into what I call the Fashion Hearts Pink collection, designed to raise awareness and support women diagnosed with breast and gynecological cancers.

Fashion Hearts Pink

Last year this time I never even entertained the thought that I would be making my own jewellery, and making it to support a cause greater than myself.  As numerology would have it, this is truly my Year of Expansion!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

AnKe Accessories, "Hankhy" Abs

Since jumping on the beaded jewellery-making bandwagon, word of mouth has spread my services like wildfire! (Thanks to me and my big mouth lol) I was approached with a special order: make a Y-necklace with red beads.

As a budding jewellery designer, I welcomed the opportunity to challenge myself.  It would be my first necklace, and my first client request.

I know my client well- an ankh lover like myself, infatuated with the esoteric, has a commanding presence and is uber sexy. I made him a one-of-a-kind necklace befitting of his personality.

He loves it! I asked him to send me a picture of himself wearing the necklace...

"Chip n' Dale" Presents: An Anke Accessory Exclusive

I wanted the pic to showcase my beaded masterpiece. Not quite the pic I had in mind but I certainly like what I see! I'm not even going to pretend like I'm talking about the necklace (even though I think I did a damn good job for my first one). 

As with all the jewellery I will make, part proceeds from this necklace will be donated to The Olive Branch of Hope Breast Cancer Support Services. 

Great "ab"vertising, eh?

Friday, 8 July 2011

Beadazzled for Breast Cancer

For many years I have done a lot of lip service saying I wanted to learn how to make my own jewellery. All talk, no action...until now.

My childhood friend Lisa Sterling, Sway Magazine account exec turned entrepreneur is planning an event, The LuvLi Ladies Show "where fashion meets healthcare" this month, July 24th.  It will feature Stacey McKenzie, supermodel and runway coach on Canada's Next Top Model among other noteworthy guests and speakers.

Additionally, the event will promote breast cancer awareness on behalf of the The Olive Branch of Hope Breast Cancer Support Services, a community-based non-profit organization, helping E.A.S.E the lives of women with breast and gynecologic cancers. (Educate, Advocate, Support and Empower!)

I had a bright idea: why not use this event as an opportunity to get crafty and raise money at the same time? I will make cute, breast cancer inspired jewellery, sell it at the event, and donate the proceeds to The Olive Branch of Hope!

As spokesperson and resource development manager for TOBOH I'm always thinking of new ways to promote the organization and support such a worthy cause. It's a win-win situation.

"Beadazzled" for Breast Cancer
Between now and July 24th, I embark on an adventure to turn these beads into beautiful earrings and bracelets. I picked out pink beads (for breast cancer), turquoise beads (for gynecologic cancer) and white beads to be used as accents.

I will share the fyne and fabulous "Designs by Anke" in the weeks to come. I am très excitée!