Saturday, 25 June 2011

When More is Just Enough: Betsey Johnson

Nothing compares to the feeling I get when I catch a glimpse of a pair red soled Christian Louboutin pumps, but the sensation I get from a good BJ does come a close second.

Get your mind out the gutter! I'm referring to Betsey Johnson.  She puts her own eccentric spin on women's shoes.

Betsey Johnson Pumps: Holt Renfrew

I love her as a designer because her style is care-free, flirty, sexy and feminine. Her personality shines through every detail of her designs, down to the packaging.  These shoes came in a hot pink box with leopard print tissue paper, her name branded in gold.

LBD: Style Exchange

I wore them with this cute LBD for a night out on the town!

Can you see that the dress and shoes have the same pattern of shiny black polkadots on matte black? A subtle yet significant detail that makes the look come together nicely.

The level of detail that has gone into these black and gold pumps is awe-inspiring. From the butterfly in-soles, to the rhinestone ankle buckle to the shiny heart emblem mounted onto a rose decorated sole... Wow!

It's hard to see, but the banner on the heart charm says "Betsey Johnson". Her stamp is everywhere!

It is truly a gift to be able to create something that could be labelled wild, over-embellished and over-the-top and make it look trendy, sexy and timeless.

Can we say, Fab-tastic?!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Get Colour Happy on a Crappy Day

What do meteorologists and Tim Horton's workers have in common? They can constantly get the weather or your order wrong and still manage to keep their jobs!

The plan: Have a hot date on a hot day in Niagara Falls.  I got one out of two.

I specifically downloaded the Weather Network app to keep a close eye on weather. Before I went to sleep so my spirit could rejuvenate and ready itself in the astral plane for the following day's  highly anticipated blissful excursion at the Falls I checked the forecast.  Sunny with a few clouds, a high of 21˚C, and 87% humidity. Okay, not sweltering hot, but it'll do.

Less than 12 hrs later, I wake up, re-check the forecast and am unpleasantly [not] surprised.  The forecast has changed. Cloudly, expected showers in the afternoon, humidex of 56%, and a high of 19˚C. It felt much colder than that because of the winds. Argh!

Grey skies, no sun, no problem. I put on a colourful sun dress and matching accessories.

I bought the dress at Urban Planet for $10. The earrings I got at Aldo Accessories last season. 

I had actually wanted to return them because even though I loved them, I thought the neon vibrancy was perhaps a bit immature looking for someone my age. I kept them, not that I had a choice, they were non-refundable.

I cinched my waist with a wide yellow belt. The width of the belt is so last year but the colour is so this year! Watevs. I took a page out of Tim Gunn's book and made it work!

Notice that I'm wearing my espadrille wedges and multi-coloured mirror shades.

I would label my outfit as a polychromatic  monochromatic look (not gonna explain, think about it).

I threw on a high-collared shoulder shrug (aka "boob warmer" according to my brother-in-law) to ward off the cool draft. The ruffled trim compliments the smocked flower print dress.

It turned out to be a perfect day in spite of the weather.

With the right company, the right attitude and the right outfit you can turn a crappy day into a happy day, any day!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Nowhere to Hide: Mirror Sunglasses

Last week Friday I went out with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday.  In search of an outdoor patio that had not yet reached full occupancy, we ended up at Hooters.

As we waited for our wings and french fries, I felt it was a good time for a photo op:

Silver Mirrored Sunglasses

The roof top patio has a great view of Toronto's infamous obelisk, the CN Tower. (Egyptian lore hidden in plain sight.)

Seeing my friend's pair of image reflective shades, I remembered I had a pair of my own stashed away somewhere.

I had a hard time taking pictures of  myself in these sunglasses. In most of the snapshots you could actually see the reflection of my bedazzled fingertips clenched around my Blackberry Torch.

I managed to capture a half decent photo but debated posting it for public viewing as it reveals the furnishings of the foyer in the personal space I call home. Nevertheless, here it is:

Multi-Coloured Mirrored Sunglasses: Claire's

The staircase is one my favourite parts of the house.  The kid in me gets a kick out of sliding down the smooth wooden banister.  It's risky business, ya know! One faulty move and you could wind up in the basement kissing the concrete floor!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Crack Ain't Whack Pt. 3: My MJ's

When I originally made this post on Wednesday, I titled it Crack Ain't Whack Pt. 3: Camouflage because of how well my nail design blended into the tube top I was wearing (see pic below). 

Now it's Friday, and I've had a couple days to oogle at my nails and have begun to affectionately call them my "MJ's" (short for "Michael Jackson nails").

The question of why I would call them that I would assume is a rhetorical one since the answer is black and white... (pun intended)

This is the original post:

I haven't officially ended my relationship with OPI Shatter nail polish just yet. We've agreed to work on things- it will perform it's duties as best it can, and I won't be so judgmental if it doesn't live up to my expectations... Yup, I'm a hard woman to please! (Juss jokes! wink wink)

Moving along, I tried some "crack" for the third time.  My high has not yet reached the sky. It's certainly better than my last "hit", but I'm not tripped out.  I went with a variation which my esthetician, who's Vietnamese, calls "upside down". 

Left Hand: white polish base and OPI Black Shatter on top
Right Hand: black polish base and OPI White Shatter on top

It turned out better than I had anticipated; then again, my expectations were pretty low.  Overall, I give my nails a 7.5 out of 10.  I dislike the crack patterns on a few of my fingers.  However, it's not as obvious, or as hideous, as the last time (Crack Ain't Whack Pt. 2).

One good thing about Shatter is that no one will notice if you smudge a nail.  I smudged the nail on my right thumb putting on my seatbelt after leaving the nail salon.  Normally that would be classified Code Orange on my fyne-n-fab-o-meter, but even for a perfectionist like me, I have no need to freak out.

Looks like the love/hate relationship continues (at least for another 2 weeks).

Monday, 6 June 2011

Wedgies that Feel Good

I'm not referring to the wedgies that go up your youknowwhat. I mean the "wedgies" that go on your feet! What's great about wedge heels is that unlike regular heels, they give you the height minus discomfort (well, maybe not all wedge shoes feel comfortable but I've been pretty lucky so far).  You can wear them for hours, pas de probleme!

I just bought a pair of cross-strapped, platform, espadrille "wedgies" from Le Chateau.  I had been window shopping a week ago when I saw them.  I went back a few days later after work and picked up a pair in black.  Within the one and a half hour ride home indecision got the best of me and I had buyer's remorse for choosing the black wedge sandals.  I exchanged them for the wheat-coloured pair that same evening and am happy I did. It really should have been my first choice. Beige is the new black, just less severe.

These will be my go-to shoes when I'm going for a casual-chic look.  Sun-dresses, denim shorts and lace tee, jersey rompers, palazzo pants... Styling options are easy, effortless and seemingly endless!

Whether I'm going to a matinee with the bffs or spending a day at the amusement park with the fam, I'm going to skip the flats and sneakers for my new comfy street walkers.

 "These shoes were made for walkin'..."

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fyne & Fab Femme: Eva Marcille

OMG this pic is GORGEOUS!! ANTM Cycle 3 winner Eva Marcille, (whom I still like to call "Eva the Diva") is looking fyne and fabulous for The Desert Goddess  fashion spread of VIBE Vixen magazine's July issue. Another fyne & fab chick, Amber Rose is the cover girl this month for the parent magazine VIBE, out on stands June 7.

I am definitely gonna grab a copy for the archives. Fyi my magazine collection dates all the way back to 1994!

I've always loved pics like this because they remind me of the posters I used to see on the walls of the Jamaican food store Nicey's, when I went grocery shopping with my dad as a kid back in '80s.  The models were always on a beach, their bodies covered with sand or water-drenched; perfect sun-kissed skin, bright orange-red lipstick (no lip liner) and wearing a rastafarian-coloured bikini with a mesh crop-top overlay.

I think it's the narcissistic side of me that likes this pic so much.  I can totally see myself modeling these gorgeous shoulder grazing, victorian chandelier earrings!

I wonder if I could transpose my face into this photog without anyone noticing...

"Desert Goddess 2.0"
Airbrushing is not my friend. Oh wells! hehe