Monday, 29 August 2011

Putting the "V" in VMA

Last night I was one of the millions of viewers who tuned in to watch the 2011 VMA's. I was left dazed and confused at the overextended monologue by Lady Gaga's alter ego, Jo Calderone. (Kudos to the make-up artist who did a fantastic job with the visual transformation.) 

Far removed from the "monster mania", I grew impatient with the opening act as I awaited a performance from Momma Monster and changed the channel only to miss her tumble off the beer drenched piano. (I got to watch the performance on Youtube less than 15 minutes later).  No matter what anyone has to say about her antics, Lady Gaga is an amazing singer, musician and performer.

News of Beyoncé announcing she was expecting on the VMA black carpet blew up the entertainment blogs and had everyone buzzing.  Pre-show photos were later confirmed after her "Love on Top" performance when she dropped the mic, opened her sequin studded blazer and massaged a very-present baby bump.  She was glowing!  Her elation was infectious as her auric field radiated throughout the Nokia Theare and permeated television screens around the world.

She wore a gorgeous bright orange, one-shouldered Lanvin Fall 2011 gown accented with emerald and diamond accessories.  Aside from the bright hue, it was a far cry from her usual body hugging, skin baring outfits like the mini-dress she wore at a prior VMA show.

Beyoncé and Baby Bump in Lanvin at the 2011 VMAs
Beyoncé in Roberto Cavali at the 2009 VMAs

"Mommy-to-Bey" is definitely a trendsetter.  Boob-bearing frocks were all the rage last night, a look Beyoncé donned at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

Sone of the "Deep-V" vixens included Kelly Rowland (former Destiny's Child sidekick and Beyoncé's bff) and reality TV's T&A star Kim Kardashian.

"Boob nV"
I generally prefer to conceal the twins but after seeing these hot plunging necklines, I am considering adding a peak-a-boo piece to my closet.

Très Chaud!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

All That Glitters...

Last week Sunday evening, around the same time I am writing this post, my parents were just settling in after taking a weekend getaway across the border.  My mom was being treated to a weekend of bliss courtesy of my father. Dinner, shopping spree, penthouse suite... After 50 years of marriage my parents still got it!

Before they had left, I issued my mother one request: buy me a cute maxi dress. Upon their return, I got way more than I asked for.  I didn't get just one maxi dress, but two! The first was the dressier of the two, country-chic, purple, white and blue paisly print with black mesh detailing. The second, a tye-dye water colour dress that gradually shifted colours from light pink to indigo, top to bottom.

As my mother shared the deets of the elimination process that lead to the final picks, I found out there was a runner-up that was a strong contender but never made the cut.  The ungrateful, green-eyed monster came out of me and I asked why didn't Daddy get it for me? That's when I found out I was in for one more surprise...

Daddy's Pick: Rhinestone Encrusted Peep-Toes

These shoes caught my dad's eye (surprise, surprise) and instantly he knew they were so "me" (surprise surprise).  As I unwrapped the shoes out of the tissue paper, unable to speak, I started cackling louder than a wild hyena.  I was in utter shock! This marked the first time ever in life my dad bought a fashion item for me, without me being there.  In that moment I was so proud of him, I almost shed a tear.  They were the perfect style and the perfect size (luckily my mother and I wear the same shoe size).

I will always and forever be "Daddy's little girl". Elephant shoe (I love you) Daddy!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gleam! Gold & Green.

One of the things I enjoy doing for some "me time", is choosing a day out of the weekend to spend a few reclusive hours at Chapters.  I usually start by indulging myself with a Strawberry Vivanno Smoothie with whipped cream and a Marshmallow Dream Bar from the Starbucks Cafe. (Whoever came up with that name for a Rice Krispies square is a genius! So luxurious sounding, especially when said with a Bri-ish accent. Try it!)

I wander through the aisles, somewhat aimlessly until something catches my eye. I am quite fascinated yet fearful of the business and finance section, with all of the 600 page hard covers and books "...For Dummies".

My main stop, however, is the Magazines section, pulling as many beauty and fashion magazines as my arms can hold.  Elle, In Style, Vogue, Flare, W, Dazed, Zink, LouLou, Essence, Glamour, and the list goes on. Then I scout the floor a place to sit; which on weekends is hard to find.  I usually end up sitting on a plastic mini seat in the kiddie area or I find an obscure corner and plop my self cross-legged on the floor.

Anywho, as I make a short story long, I went to Chapters Sunday past.  One of the Autumn trends that got me uber excited is the green and gold combination. (Warm, yellow-based tones look great with my complexion!)

Saw these Gucci heels (from the 2011 Fall collection) plastered all over the internet and fashion magazines aournd the end of May, June sometime.  I love the python texture detailing for the ankle strap (python print is another hot trend for fall).
Green Suede & Gold Heels: Gucci

I have a pair of gold and green gemmed sandals that I got to rock this summer.  The first time I wore them, my legs shaked if I stood in one place to long.  I think the sole-to-heel angle is kinda steep with no arch support; but I'm good now.

Green-Jeweled & Gold Strapped Heels: B2
Here are a few more green and gold accessories for your viewing pleasure:

Green Suede & Gold Bracelet: Lily & Lionel
Green Sapphire Wrap Ring: Yvel

Crocodile Emerald & Gold Handbag with a Gold Cuff Wrist Lockit: Louis Vuitton

This photo is absolutely gorge!  It's apart of the Overboard editorial spread in Elle Mag's August issue:

Damask Tunic: Oscar de la Renta
I am"falling" in love with these fall trends, indeed.

P.S Happy Birthday Mummy! Muah!