Monday, 9 May 2011

First Generation Fyne & Fabulous: My Mum

So yesterday was Mother's Day.  I took my mom out to the Olive Branch of Hope's "Reflections of a Mother" Luncheon.  ( Because she's so awesome, she was honoured with the "Quintessential Mother" Award for which I nominated her.  I wrote a lot of personal stuff in that nomination form, but here's the poem I wrote for her:
My mother is the most gorgeous woman I know.  She stands in stilettos of faith and humility so that each of her steps follows a path of courage and righteousness.  Her smile is contagious. Her style is Hollywood.  Her heart shines like the golden sun. Her selflessness and generosity rains down like morning dew. She is clothed with grace and she drips with the scents of sincerity and sophistication.  She looks beyond the physical and sees the needs of the soul.  She listens with haste and knows how your feeling and what you’re thinking without you having to say a word.  Her words sing with passion, truth, comfort and joy.  Her wisdom is her crown of glory. Her love is ever-present, endless and eternal; And my love for her is the same.
Thanks to my mom I learned how to walk in heels at age 11.  She knows how to rock it out from head to toe. My mom is first generation Fyne & Fabulous!

Love u more Mum! xoxoxo

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