Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Motherland: My Muse on Mother's Day

For the Mother's Day event, I wore an Afrocentric inspired ensemble.

Having bracelets on both wrists is not something I normallly do, but the embellishment works in this case.  The single wide gold cuff balances out the stack of bracelets on the opposite side.

 I bought this necklace from Le Chateau years ago. This Miss Sixty dress I'm wearing is also an oldie but a goodie.  The design reminds me of the head of a therianthrope one might envision when on a psychedelic journey through the non-physical world from consuming Ayahuasca tea or MFKZT. 

 Hues of ivory, olive, camel and mahogany make up this neutral, muted colour palette.  Wooden textures add dimension along with copper and gold hardware.
Egyptian Earrings

Clutch: Costa Blanca

I finished the look off with patent, beige peep toe shoes from Guess.
Shoes: Guess

I know, I know.  My fingernails don't match my toenails. Trust me, my nail game won't be this weak come summer time.

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