Monday, 6 June 2011

Wedgies that Feel Good

I'm not referring to the wedgies that go up your youknowwhat. I mean the "wedgies" that go on your feet! What's great about wedge heels is that unlike regular heels, they give you the height minus discomfort (well, maybe not all wedge shoes feel comfortable but I've been pretty lucky so far).  You can wear them for hours, pas de probleme!

I just bought a pair of cross-strapped, platform, espadrille "wedgies" from Le Chateau.  I had been window shopping a week ago when I saw them.  I went back a few days later after work and picked up a pair in black.  Within the one and a half hour ride home indecision got the best of me and I had buyer's remorse for choosing the black wedge sandals.  I exchanged them for the wheat-coloured pair that same evening and am happy I did. It really should have been my first choice. Beige is the new black, just less severe.

These will be my go-to shoes when I'm going for a casual-chic look.  Sun-dresses, denim shorts and lace tee, jersey rompers, palazzo pants... Styling options are easy, effortless and seemingly endless!

Whether I'm going to a matinee with the bffs or spending a day at the amusement park with the fam, I'm going to skip the flats and sneakers for my new comfy street walkers.

 "These shoes were made for walkin'..."

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