Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Crack Ain't Whack Pt. 3: My MJ's

When I originally made this post on Wednesday, I titled it Crack Ain't Whack Pt. 3: Camouflage because of how well my nail design blended into the tube top I was wearing (see pic below). 

Now it's Friday, and I've had a couple days to oogle at my nails and have begun to affectionately call them my "MJ's" (short for "Michael Jackson nails").

The question of why I would call them that I would assume is a rhetorical one since the answer is black and white... (pun intended)

This is the original post:

I haven't officially ended my relationship with OPI Shatter nail polish just yet. We've agreed to work on things- it will perform it's duties as best it can, and I won't be so judgmental if it doesn't live up to my expectations... Yup, I'm a hard woman to please! (Juss jokes! wink wink)

Moving along, I tried some "crack" for the third time.  My high has not yet reached the sky. It's certainly better than my last "hit", but I'm not tripped out.  I went with a variation which my esthetician, who's Vietnamese, calls "upside down". 

Left Hand: white polish base and OPI Black Shatter on top
Right Hand: black polish base and OPI White Shatter on top

It turned out better than I had anticipated; then again, my expectations were pretty low.  Overall, I give my nails a 7.5 out of 10.  I dislike the crack patterns on a few of my fingers.  However, it's not as obvious, or as hideous, as the last time (Crack Ain't Whack Pt. 2).

One good thing about Shatter is that no one will notice if you smudge a nail.  I smudged the nail on my right thumb putting on my seatbelt after leaving the nail salon.  Normally that would be classified Code Orange on my fyne-n-fab-o-meter, but even for a perfectionist like me, I have no need to freak out.

Looks like the love/hate relationship continues (at least for another 2 weeks).

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