Thursday, 16 June 2011

Get Colour Happy on a Crappy Day

What do meteorologists and Tim Horton's workers have in common? They can constantly get the weather or your order wrong and still manage to keep their jobs!

The plan: Have a hot date on a hot day in Niagara Falls.  I got one out of two.

I specifically downloaded the Weather Network app to keep a close eye on weather. Before I went to sleep so my spirit could rejuvenate and ready itself in the astral plane for the following day's  highly anticipated blissful excursion at the Falls I checked the forecast.  Sunny with a few clouds, a high of 21˚C, and 87% humidity. Okay, not sweltering hot, but it'll do.

Less than 12 hrs later, I wake up, re-check the forecast and am unpleasantly [not] surprised.  The forecast has changed. Cloudly, expected showers in the afternoon, humidex of 56%, and a high of 19˚C. It felt much colder than that because of the winds. Argh!

Grey skies, no sun, no problem. I put on a colourful sun dress and matching accessories.

I bought the dress at Urban Planet for $10. The earrings I got at Aldo Accessories last season. 

I had actually wanted to return them because even though I loved them, I thought the neon vibrancy was perhaps a bit immature looking for someone my age. I kept them, not that I had a choice, they were non-refundable.

I cinched my waist with a wide yellow belt. The width of the belt is so last year but the colour is so this year! Watevs. I took a page out of Tim Gunn's book and made it work!

Notice that I'm wearing my espadrille wedges and multi-coloured mirror shades.

I would label my outfit as a polychromatic  monochromatic look (not gonna explain, think about it).

I threw on a high-collared shoulder shrug (aka "boob warmer" according to my brother-in-law) to ward off the cool draft. The ruffled trim compliments the smocked flower print dress.

It turned out to be a perfect day in spite of the weather.

With the right company, the right attitude and the right outfit you can turn a crappy day into a happy day, any day!

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