Thursday, 28 July 2011

Colour Clash Control

Do you remember when it was a fashion faux pas to wear pink and red together? Not anymore!

Wearing black and brown together was once snubbed by stodgy fashion bourgeoisie until some fashion-forward provocateur created leopard print couture. Who said you can't wear white after labour day?  Bend the rules and don 'winter white' in November.  Fashion rules have slackened and women everywhere can be free from the noose that once choked their individual style.

No longer commiting a fashion heresy, I wore a geometric patterned red, pink and white chiffon dress with ruffles to the LuvLi Ladies' Show along with self-made accessries.

AnKe Accessories
 I strung a red diamond-shaped pendant dappled with pink flecks with multi-shaped, translucent beads of the same colours to create this cleavage concealing necklace.  To avoid being to matchy-matchy I went with freshwater pearls of different sizes for shoulder grazing drop earrings.

AnKe Accessories: A closer look

Between the red/pink dress and the red/pink accessories, I knew my outfit was on colour overload. In my mind I likened my outfit to spicy food.  A bit of caliente is good, but too much becomes unpalatable. Onlookers shouldn't have their eyes water when I walk by them.

Dress: H&M
Belt: Dynamite

I needed some "yogurt" to simmer the spiciness of my colourful ensemble; so I added a beige wrap belt around my waist, interweaving the red chiffon sash that came with the dress into it- just for the sake of making things interesting. To top things off, I wore my beige patent leather Guess peep toe platforms along with a medium size clutch. (see Khemet Chronicles)

Yes, I've worn these items multiple times over. No, I don't have a problem with being "caught" wearing the same thing twice.  Yeah...that's right. And what?

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