Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fashion Weeks Pt. 2: New York, London, Milan

Over the past few weeks, putting together all the various trends from the multitude of fashion collections kind of reminds me of making an ice cream sundae.  In Fashion Week Part One, I offered "31 flavours" to choose from. 

Now in part two, I'm providing the toppings to make the sundae complete.  For a complete, visual presentation, it's time to garnish the delightful and delicious ready-to-wear fashions from part one with accessories!

I am drooling over the handbags an clutches that accompanied the walking mannequins down the catwalk.

Fashion Weeks: New York, London, Milan
"Swag Bag"
Zoom Zone: "Swag Bag"
 There were a lot of platform loafers (too ugly in my opinion to be shown here), as well as some bright colourful ones. Ankles are the center of attention with all sorts of straps, buckles and other nouveaux embellishments.  Personally, I find straps and such around my ankles a bit restrictive but I really like Burberry's beaded anklets.

Fashion Weeks: New York, London, Milan
" Strapped"
Zoom Zone: "Strapped"
Belts had a contemporary yet classic feel, offering clean lines and offbeat designs.

Fashion Weeks: New York, London, Milan
"Waist Management"

Zoom Zone: "Waist Management"
Clothes are accessorized with statement jewellery pieces that are oversized and opulent.

Fashion Weeks: New York, London, Milan
"Treasure Chest"
Zoom Zone: "Treasure Chest"
Plastic frames and coloured lenses made up the body of round, cat-eye and brow flat-line sunglasses.

Fashion Weeks: New York, London, Milan
"Throw Some Shade"
Zoom Zone: "Throw Some Shade"
More fashion, more fun!

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