Saturday, 17 September 2011

Frugal & Fabulous: My Costa X Experience

It's 3:33pm on a sunny, Saturday afternoon, and so far I have had a delightful day.  It started with an early morning meditation, followed by a trip to the gym with a habitual detour to Timmies for a medium coffee two creams one sugar and a shot of butter caramel (also great in iced caps btw), and a trial of the new maple cinammon french toast bagel, toasted, half butter and double cheddar (absolutely delicious).

After an hour at the gym, I was supposed to simply go back home for a day of couch potatoe delight. However, I decided to make yet another detour, this time to the local mall.  It's my niece's birthday tomorrow.  She's turning five.  Even though I had decided on taking her to get her first mani-pedi, I thought I might check out a few stores to see if there was anything worth buying. There certainly was...just not for my niece.

On my way to Siblings I was passing by Costa X which had bright yellow signs around the entrance reading: "Store Closing. Everything Must Go. 50% off everything"! As fate would have it, the thought of purchasing some new flat shoes for work had been a topic of discussion in my mental "Situation Room" earlier this week. The gold ballerina flats I'm currently wearing from Aldo are decrepit-looking and disintegrating rapidly. The glue has broken up with its sole-mate. I knew I was in need of a new pair but had no desire to pay fall season prices.

The sale was timely.  For under $75 (this includes HST) I bought a handbag, two ballerina flats, a scarf, and ear muffs (which I will wear under my snood when once the Canuck winter hits full force).

Store Closing Sale at Costa X
Clockwise from left: Black furry earmuffs, faux leather
side satchel, leopard print scarf, midnight blue/black
snake print flats, leopard print flats with bow detailing
Today was not my lucky day.  Today was a moment of alignment.


  1. hi!! I approve of the planets being aligned for this moment in time. *nod*.