Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy EntrepreNewYear!

Earth and its inhabitants are finally experiencing the first fruits of 2012! We can say goodbye to the Age of Pisces as the Universe pours out its Spirit of Consciousness for those who care to drink of its goodness in the Age of Aquarius.

Contrary to popular belief, the Mayans did not prophesy the end of the world come Dec. 21, 2012- it is a misnomer that has captured the attention of many through blockbuster films, documentaries and loud mouth buffoons. If you want to know what the Mayans really had to say, you can check out: Mayan Calendar: The Secret of 2012. The interviewee, Gregg Braden, is such a humble, intelligent and delightful human being. I went to one of his seminars in May 2010 at the  I Can Do It! Conference held in Toronto, a Hay House Inc. event.  I also have some of his books: Fractal Time, The Isaiah Effect and the God Code.

Being Aquarian born, I feel a great connection to this time of spiritual awakening.  I have not (for quite some time) made New Year's Resolutions.   I do not think I should wait for a new year to make a decision that would positively influence the moment of now.  Really, if I'm having Christmas dinner with the fam and notice I've been packing on the pounds why should I wait until January to start working out? Such procrastination only leads to more procrastination.

On my list of "Things to Do" for this year is to take my jewellery designing business to the world wide web.  In the few short months I've been custom-making jewellery, I have found great reward in supporting a good cause while bringing my dormant creativity to life.  I think it's about time to give online shoppers across the world something for their purchasing pleasure!

Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect from my collections:

Anke Designs:
Cobalt Chinese Crystals & Gun Metal Chain Necklace
w/ Blue Tiger's Eye Stone Pendant

Anke Designs:
Multi-Green Bead Cluster Necklace w/ Silver Plated Chains

Anke Designs:
Turquoise Stone Beads & Red Howlite Chipstone
Three- Tiered Necklace

Anke Designs:
Citrus Chinese Beads w/ Moonstone & Russian Amazonite
Chipstones Three-Tiered Necklace

Anke Designs:
White Turquoise Stone & Hematite Chip Bead
Multi-Strand Bracelet

Anke Designs:
Two-Toned Chinese Crystal & Hematite Bead
Diamond-Shaped Earrings

And one of my favourite set of earrings:

Anke Designs:
"Nefertiti" Silver & Black Wooden Bead Earrings
Coming soon.... (fingers crossed)!

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