Sunday, 21 August 2011

All That Glitters...

Last week Sunday evening, around the same time I am writing this post, my parents were just settling in after taking a weekend getaway across the border.  My mom was being treated to a weekend of bliss courtesy of my father. Dinner, shopping spree, penthouse suite... After 50 years of marriage my parents still got it!

Before they had left, I issued my mother one request: buy me a cute maxi dress. Upon their return, I got way more than I asked for.  I didn't get just one maxi dress, but two! The first was the dressier of the two, country-chic, purple, white and blue paisly print with black mesh detailing. The second, a tye-dye water colour dress that gradually shifted colours from light pink to indigo, top to bottom.

As my mother shared the deets of the elimination process that lead to the final picks, I found out there was a runner-up that was a strong contender but never made the cut.  The ungrateful, green-eyed monster came out of me and I asked why didn't Daddy get it for me? That's when I found out I was in for one more surprise...

Daddy's Pick: Rhinestone Encrusted Peep-Toes

These shoes caught my dad's eye (surprise, surprise) and instantly he knew they were so "me" (surprise surprise).  As I unwrapped the shoes out of the tissue paper, unable to speak, I started cackling louder than a wild hyena.  I was in utter shock! This marked the first time ever in life my dad bought a fashion item for me, without me being there.  In that moment I was so proud of him, I almost shed a tear.  They were the perfect style and the perfect size (luckily my mother and I wear the same shoe size).

I will always and forever be "Daddy's little girl". Elephant shoe (I love you) Daddy!

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